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Keep track of access, authorizations, changes and transactions.
Once data classification has been assigned
Security controls can be established such as encryption,
Database security
Protects stored files and information in an organization's network database
One of the best ways to secure stored files and information information is
With the digital rights management
Organizations can also restrict access to specific instances of
Digital works or devices.
Users are only given access to
The files they need to prevent internal attacks and attacks that dupe employees
Another database security element
Is controlling access to hard copy backups such as tape drives and hard
Tape management systems (TMS) and disk management systems (DMS)
Often include physical security procedures that
3-tier Architecture
A client/server environment that uses middleware to translate requests between the client
A record of a user that contains all of her properties, including rights to resources, password, user name
a user account that has unlimited privileges to resources and objects managed by a server or
A proprietary implementation of the UNIX system distributed by IBM.
A variable property associated with a network object. For example, a restriction on the time of
A part of the organizational structure of an operating system's directory that contains objects or other
BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution)
A UNIX distribution that originated at the University of California at