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CIFS (Common Internet File System)
A file access protocol. CIFS runs over TCP/IP and is the standard file
A type of object recognized by an NOS directory and defined in an NOS schema. Printers and users are
CN (Common Name)
In LDAP naming conventions, the name of an object.
DC (Domain Component)
In LDAP naming conventions, the name of any one of the domains to which an object belongs.
The term used to refer to the different implementations of a particular UNIX or Linux system. For
DN (Distinguished Name)
A long form of an object's name in Active Directory that explicitly indicates the object
Domain Controller
A Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008 computer that contains a replica of the Active
Domain Model
In Microsoft terminology, the type of client/server network that relies on domains, rather than
Domain Tree
A group of hierarchically arranged domains that share a common namespace in the Windows Server
Explicit One-Way Trust
A type of trust relationship in which two domains that belong to different NOS directory
The name of the primary file system used in most Linux distributions.
A version of Linux packaged and distributed by Red Had.
File Globbing
A form of filename substitution, similar to the use of wildcards in Windows and DOS.
File System
An operating system's method of organizing, managing, and accessing its files through logical
In the context of Windows Server 2003/2008, a collection of domain trees that use different namespaces. A