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The name given to the public software project to implement a complete, free source code implementation of
A means of collectively managing users' permissions and restrictions applied to shared resources. Groups
GUI (Graphical User Interface)
A pictorial representation of computer functions and elements that, in the case of
GUID (Globally Unique Identifier)
A 128-bit number generated and assigned to an object upon its creation in
Hierarchical File System
The organization of files and directories (or folders) on a disk in which
A type of permission, or right, that is passed down from one group (the parent) to a group within
Inode (Information Node)
A UNIX or Linux file system information storage area that holds all details about
Kernel Module
A portion of the kernel that you can load and unload to add or remove functionality on a running
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
A standard protocol for accessing network directories.
Leaf Object
An object in an operating system's directory, such as a printer or user that does not contain
lpd (line printer daemon)
A UNIX service responsible for printing files placed in the printer queue by the
A UNIX command that places files in the printer queue. The files are subsequently printed with 1pd, the
Mac OS X Server
A proprietary NOS from Apple Computer that is based on a version of UNIX.
Man Pages (Manual Pages)
The online documentation for any variety of the UNIX operating system. This
The action of associating a disk, directory, or device with a drive letter.