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Member Server
A type of server on a Windows Server 2003/2008 network that does not hold directory information
MMC (Microsoft Management Console)
A customizable, graphical network management interface introduced with
NFS (Network File System)
A popular remote file system created by Sun Microsystems, and available UNIX and
NTFS (New Technology File System)
A file system developed by Microsoft and used with its Windows NT, 2000
A representation of a thing or person associated with the network that belongs in the NOS directory.
Open Source Software
The term used to describe software that is distributed with few restrictions and who
OU (Organizational Unit)
A logical receptacle for holding objects with similar characteristics or
An area of a computer's hard drive that is logically defined and acts as a separate disk drive.
Per Seat
In the context of applications, a licensing mode that limits access to an application to specific
Per User
A licensing mode that allows a fixed quantity of clients to use one software package
A series of two or more commands in which the output of prior commands is sent to the input of
The brand of computer central processing unit invented by Apple Computer, IBM, and Motorola, and used in
Preemptive Multitasking
The type of multitasking in which tasks are actually performed one at a time, in very
Proprietary UNIX
Any implementation of UNIX for which the source code is either unavailable or available
RDN (Relative Distinguished Name)
An attribute of an object that identifies the object separately from its