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The process of copying Active Directory data to multiple domain controllers. This ensures
In Microsoft terminology, the primary purpose of a Windows Server 2008 server.
A highly privileged user ID that has all rights to create, delete, modify, move, read, write, or execute
Root Domain
In Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008 networking, the single domain from which child domains
An open source software package that provides complete Windows-style file and printer sharing
Server Manager
A GUI tool provided with Windows Server 2008 that enables network administrators to manage server
Another term for the UNIX command interpreter.
Site License
A type of software license that, for a fixed price, allows any number of users in one location to
SMB (Server Message Block)
A protocol for communications and resource access between systems, such as clients
A proprietary implementation of the UNIX operating system by Sun Microsystems.
The brand of computer central processing unit invented by and used in Sun Microsystems servers.
System V
The proprietary version of UNIX that comes from Bell Labs.
The Open Group
A nonprofit industry association that owns the UNIX trademark.
Two-Way Transitive Trust
The security relationship between domains in the same domain tree in which one
UPN (User Principle name)
The preferred Active Directory naming convention for objects when used in informal