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____ is a method of encrypting TCP/IP transmissions above the network layer.
DNS spoofing
In ____, a hacker forges name server records to falsify his host's identity.
A VPN ____ authenticates VPN clients and establishes tunnels for VPN connections.
____ protocols are the rules that computers follow to accomplish authentication.
authentication, authorization, and accounting
RADIUS and TACACS belong to a category of protocols known as AAA
mutual authentication
In ____, both computers verify the credentials of the other.
IP telephony
____ describes the use of any network to carry voice signals using the TCP/IP protocol.
Internet telephony
When VoIP relies on the Internet, it is often called ____.
video over IP
IPTV, videoconferencing, streaming video, and IP multicasting belong to the range of services
____ messaging is a service that makes several forms of communication available from a single user
toll bypass
Using VoIP over a WAN allows an organization to avoid paying long-distance telephone charges, a
ATA (analog telephone adapter)
When using an analog telephone, a VoIP adapter that performs analog-to-digital
In general, a(n) ____ is a private switch that accepts and interprets both analog and digital voice
A computer programmed to act like an IP telephone is known as a(n) ____.
streaming video
Among all video-over-IP applications, ____is perhaps the simplest.