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live streaming
One drawback to ____ video is that content may not be edited before it's distributed.
Many streaming video services - and nearly all of those issued over a public network, such as the Internet
When more than two people participate in a videoconference, for example, in a point-to-multipoint or
____ signaling functions are more limited than those performed by the protocols in the H.323 group.
call signaling and control
SIP and H.323 regulate ____ for VoIP or video-over-IP clients and servers.
A(n) ____ is a computer that manages multiple media gateways.
Many network engineers consider ____ to be superior to MGCP.
____ is preferred over TCP for real-time applications such as telephone conversations and
____ is a measure of how well a network service matches its expected performance.
An administrator should take the time to troubleshoot all network problems correctly by asking specific
Help desk analysts
____ are often considered first-level support.
Help desk coordinators
____ are often considered third-level support.
supported services list
A ____ is a document (preferably online) that lists every service and software package
change management
A ____ system is a process or program that provides support personnel with a centralized
tone generator
A____ is a small electronic device that issues a signal on a wire pair.