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____ are programs that run independently and travel between computers and across networks.
A ____ is a program that runs automatically, without requiring a person to start or stop it.
A(n) ____ virus disguises itself as a legitimate program to prevent detection.
A(n) ____ virus changes its characteristics every time it is transferred to a new system.
____ scanning detects malware by comparing a file's content with known malware signatures in a
Integrity checking
____ detects malware by comparing current characteristics of files and disks against an
____ scanning techniques attempt to identify malware by discovering "malware-like" behavior.
A(n) ____ is a deviation from a specified level of system performance for a given period of time.
Power that is free from noise is called "____" power.
A(n) ____ UPS uses the A/C power from the wall outlet to continuously charge its battery, while providing
SONET ring
Mesh topologies and ____ topologies are good choices for highly available enterprise networks.
Load balancing
____ is an automatic distribution of traffic over multiple links or processors is used to optimize
____ is a fault-tolerance technique that links multiple servers together to act as a single
____ Web sites are locations on the Internet that dynamically duplicate other locations on the
disk array
A group of hard disks is called a ____.