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response time
The time it takes to respond to user interactions such as a mouse click
job scheduling
OS selects a job from the job pool and loads into memory for execution
CPU Scheduling
If several jobs are ready to run at the same time, the system must choose among them
Processes are swapped in and out of main memory to the disk
Virtual Memory
allows the execution of a process that is not completely in memory
Logical Memory
Abstraction of main memory that the user sees (includes VM)
Physical Memory
The Amount of RAM that is installed in a computer
A Software generated interrupt caused by an error or by a specific request from a user program that an
Dual Mode Operation
Privileges for kernel can not be performed by users (prevents infinite loops)
User Mode
Mode Bit: 1. Denotes tasks executed on behalf of the user.
Kernel Mode
Mode Bit: 0. Denotes tasks executed on behalf of the kernel
Privileged Instructions
Designated machine instructions that may cause harm only allowed in kernel mode
As information is used, it is copied to a faster storage system on a temporary basis
Storage Hierarchy
Magnetic Disk > Main Memory > Cache > Hardware Register
Cache Coherency
All copies of "A" must be updated across multiple processors