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Process Scheduler
Manages the Job queue, Ready Queue, and Device queue
Long Term Scheduler
selects processes from the pool and loads them into memory for execution
Degree of Multiprogramming
the number of processes in memory
Short Term CPU Scheduler
selects from among the processes ready to execute and allocates the CPU to one
I/O Bound Process
spends more time doing I/O than computations
CPU Bound Process
generates I/O requests infrequently, does computations
Medium Term Scheduler
Removes processes from memory to reduce degree of multiprogramming and later re-introduce.
Context Switch
State save of the current process and state restore of a different process
Process Creation
Parent creates child, resource sharing, children a subset of parents resources but not
Creates a new process
loads a binary file into memory and starts execution
Process Termination
child exit(), parent wait()
Direct communication
send(p, message), receive(q, message)
Indirect communication
messages sent/received from mailboxes (create, send/receive, delete mailboxes)
Blocking Send
sending process blocked until the message is received by the receiving process/mailbox