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Non blocking Send
the sending process sends the message and resumes operation
Blocking receive
receiver blocks until a message is available
Non-blocking receive
Receiver retrieves either a valid message or null
both send() and receive() are blocking
a temporary queue for messages
Zero capacity
queue has max length zero, link can't have any messages waiting. Sender must block until recipient
Bounded capacity
Queue has finite length, at most n messages can reside.
Unbounded capacity
Queue's length is potentially infinite, any number of messages can wait, sender never
endpoint for communication. Identified by an IP Address concatenated with a port number.
Remote Procedure Call
a way to abstract the procedure-call mechanism for use between systems with network
One>One, Many>One, Many>Many
Benefits of Multithreading
responsiveness, resource sharing, economy, utilization of multiprocessor
acts as a conduit allowing two processes to communicate
Thread cancellation
terminating a thread before it has completed
Asynchronous cancellation
One thread immediately terminates the target thread