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نوشته بودید
You had written
نوشته بود
She had written
شروع کرده بودیم
We had started
او مطالعه کرده بود
He had studied
آیا او مطالعه کرده بود؟
Had he studied
گل هایی را که قبلاً خریده بودم به او دادم
I gave her the flowers which I had bought before
کتابی را که به من داده بودی خواندم
I read the book which you had given me
من دیروز او را دیدم، روز قبلش هم به منزل آنها رفته بودم
I saw him yesterday. I had gone to his house the day before
روز جمعه او اینجا بود، دو روز قبلش از او دعوت کرده بودم که بیاید
He was here on Friday and I had invited her to come here two days before
قبل از اینکه اینجا بیایم، به تو تلفن کردم
I had phoned you before I came here