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Competency 3: Continuous Improvement

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The School Community Professional Development Act
A Florida State law that requires school districts to promote teachers' professional development. It is in alignment with the No Child Left Behind Act. There are four "strands" of this act: Planning, Learning, Implementing, and Evaluating.
needs assessment
This is an assessment that the teacher does on him or herself to determine what professional learning he or she can acquire that will help them best serve their students.
Individual Professional Development Plan
A plan that teachers are required to create as part of the School Community Professional Development Act. It shows the relationship between the teacher's professional learning in relationship to his or her students' performance. It also must include clearly defined professional development objectives, specify changes in teaching practices as a result of this professional development, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the professional learning.
administrative review
When the teacher reviews their IPDP (Individual Professional Development Plan) with the principal, as required by the School Community Professional Development Act.
disaggregated classroom data
Data from a teacher's students that are broken down into subgroups based on student characteristics (for example, the number of Limited English Proficient students in the class). The teacher should use this data when developing his or her IPDP.
Professional Learning Community
A formal, organized group of faculty members who share similar student achievement goals, and meet on a regular basis in order to discuss how to better achieve those goals. This does NOT include groups that meet for the sake of simply planning for their subject area or grade level.
Lesson Study Group
A form of a PLC (Professional Learning Community) that meets with the intention of strengthening lesson planning, using the Lesson Study Cycle (planning, teaching and observing, debriefing, re-teaching, and reflecting).
30 hours
In one year, the minimum amount of time teachers should spend towards their professional development, according to the Learning Standard within the School Community Professional Development Act.
changes in educator practice
According to the Evaluation Strand of the School Community Professional Development Act, as a teacher develops professionally, they should document what? (The specifics of how this is done up to the principal's discretion).
changes in students
Even more important than documenting a teacher's own professional growth, they should also document what? (according to the Evaluation strand?)
Florida teaching certification
This is valid for 5 years, during which time teachers must acquire 120 "in-service points" in order to get renewal. These points can be acquired from things like taking college courses.
Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs)
"Instructional Design and Lesson Planning", "The Learning Environment", "Instructional Delivery and Facilitation," "Assessment", "Continuous Professional Improvement," and "Professional Responsibility and Ethical Conduct," are the six practices that comprise what?
reflective practitioner
This is a teacher who often asks themselves questions like "Is what I'm doing working?" and "Is this the most effective method to teach this lesson?"