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Competency 6: Ethics

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Within how many hours must a teacher report the abuse of a child or the sale/possession of a controlled substance? (according to the Florida Statutes)
Education Practices Commission
This is the disciplinary board for holders of Florida Educator Certificates.
When a teacher has been charged with incompetence by the EPC, he or she is given an opportunity to do what? (The teacher is given specific reasons for his or her incompetence, and a detailed plan of how/what to do to address/fix the incompetency).
preponderance of the evidence
The standard of proof for determining the guilt of a teacher under investigation by the EPC (used in civil law). This is a lower standard than "beyond a reasonable doubt," which is used in criminal cases.
If the teacher disagrees with the outcome of the EPC's decision, he or she may ___ to a higher legal authority (usually the state court system).
suspend with pay
If allegations of misconduct are made against a teacher where the health, welfare, or safety of a student may be at risk, that district school must immediately take what action against that teacher?
This person makes the final decisions in ethics cases, concerning probable cause.
felony or misdemeanor
Even though it may be unrelated to school or the Code of Ethics, a teacher may have his or her certificate revoked if he or she is convicted of what? (not inclusive of minor traffic violations).