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Competency 9: Learning Environment

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A thought experiment wherein the teacher attempts to experience his or her lesson from the viewpoint of a student.
The appropriate response to a fire or bomb threat.
remain with students
What should teachers ALWAYS do, regardless of the specific emergency?
Effective classroom discipline requires the teacher to be what?
action verbs
"List," "analyze", "show", "solve," etc. are examples of what? (Lesson objectives should use these as much as possible in order to describe the expectations).
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Created by Abraham Mazlow, this describes universal human needs (in order, starting with most basic: physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem, self-actualization). Each need must be satisfied before needs higher in the hierarchy may be satisfied.
ability grouping
Dividing students into groups, based upon their academic ability. Studies have repeatedly shown this practice can create self-esteem problems for low-achieving students, which can further impact their poor performace. There is a very negative stigma attached to this practice.
mixed-ability grouping
The highly regarded alternative to "ability grouping." By mixing groups of high and low-achieving students, all students appear to benefit.
A teacher who removes this percentage of students from his or her classroom is required to complete professional development to improve classroom management skills.
reasonable force
Teachers are permitted to use _____ against students in order to protect themselves or others from injury.
corporal punishment
Still legal in Florida. Who knew? Must be approved by the principal in advance, and must adhere to strict guidelines. It must be performed in the presence of another adult.
Teachers are authorized to have disruptive, violent, or disrespectful students ______ from the classroom. The principal can only return the student to class with the consent of the teacher.