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v Anglii
in England
v České Republice
In the Czech Republic
v Praze
in Prague
v malém penzionu
in a small guesthouse
ve škole
at school
v práci
at work
(at) home
v kanceláři
at the office
v centru
in the (city) centre
v kině
in the cinema
v divadle
in the theatre
v hospodě
in a pub
v restauraci
in a restaurant
v hotelu
in a hotel
na horách
in the mountains
na letišti
at the airport
ve městě
in the city
na mostě
on the bridge
na náměstí
on the square
v nemocnici
in the hospital
v obchodě
in the shop
v přírodě
in the countryside
na stanici
at the station (st-)
ve vesnici
in the village
v metru
in the metro