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(jdu) na policii (akuzativ)
(I go) to the police (accusative)
(jdu) na polikliniku (akuzativ)
(I go) to a polyclinic (accusative)
(jdu) na poštu (akuzativ)
(I go) to a post office (accusative)
(jdu) na procházku (akuzativ)
(I go) for a walk (accusative)
(jdu) na recepci (akuzativ)
(I go) to reception (accusative)
(jdu) na schůzi (akuzativ)
(I go) to a meeting (-zi) (accusative)
(letím) na služební cestu (akuzativ)
(I go) on a business trip (accusative)
(jdu) na zastávku (akuzativ)
(I go) to a station (za-) (accusative)
(jdu) na trh (akuzativ)
(I go) to a market (accusative)
(jedu) na výlet (akuzativ)
(I go) on a trip/excursion/outing (accusative)
(jdu) na výstavu (akuzativ)
(I go) to an exhibition (accusative)
(jdu) na zahradu (akuzativ)
(I go) to a garden (accusative)
(jdu) na náměstí (akuzativ)
(I go) to a square (accusative)
(jdu) na nádraží (akuzativ)
(I go) to a (train) station (accusative)
(jdu) na rande (akuzativ)
(I go) to a date (accusative)
(jdu) na snídani (akuzativ)
(I go) to breakfast (accusative)
(jdu) na oběd (akuzativ)
(I go) to lunch (accusative)
(jdu) na večeři (akuzativ)
(I go) to dinner (accusative)
(jdu) na toaletu (akuzativ)
(I go) to a toilet (accusative)
(jdu) na párty (akuzativ)
(I go) to a party (accusative)
(jdu) na univerzitu (akuzativ)
(I go) to a university (accusative)
(jdu) na Floridu (akuzativ)
(I go) to Florida (U.S.) (accusative)