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bruslit (imp.)
to ice skate (imp.)
cvičit (imp.)
to exercise/train/workout (imp.)
chytat ryby (imp.)
to go fishing (imp.)
jet na kole
to go by bike
jet na skatebordu
to skateboard
jet na jachtě
to go yachting
jet na lodi
to go boating
jet na kolečkových bruslích
to go roller skating
jít na výlet
to go hiking, go for trip
hrát šachy (imp.)
to play chess (imp.)
koupat se (imp.)
to bathe (imp.)
lézt na skálu (imp.)
to rock climb (imp.)
zacvičit si aerobik (per.)
to do aerobics (per.)
hrát (hraju) karty (imp.)
to play cards (imp.)