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Essential cell components

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Plasma membrane
Structure which encloses the cell.
Phospholipid bilayer
Molecular structure of the cell membrane.
Peripheral proteins
Proteins found on the outside of the plasma membrane, often bound to carbohydrate chains which identify the cell.
Integral Proteins
Proteins embedded through the depth of the membrane such as channels.
The genetic centre of the cell.
The fluid part of the nucleus of a cell.
DNA and surrounding protein structures.
Cell structure at which the transcription and assembly of rRNA occurs.
Tubules and filaments with various functions including structuring the cell.
Energy-producing organelles within the cell.
Golgi apparatus
Manufactures complex biomolecules and transports them out of the cell.
Complex of protein and rRNA which assemble proteins, found in the cytoplasm or bound to the rough endoplasmic reticulum.
Endoplasmic reticulum
Cell structure which manufactures lipids and breaks down certain toxins.
Intracellular sacs formed of lipid membrane.
Phagocytic vesicles
Sacs responsible for the ingestion of materials into the cell.
Cell structures which degrade proteins.
Cell structures which degrade hydrogen peroxide.
Groups of tubules involved in cell division.
Fluid portion of the cell.
Integral proteins involved in cell signalling pathways.
Fluid within the cytoplasm of a cell
Extracellular domain
The external site of a cellular receptor.
Cytoplasmic domain
The internal site of a cellular receptor.
A chemical which binds to a cell surface receptor to send a signal, such as a hormone or a growth factor.
Cell adhesion molecules
Proteins which keep cells in place by forming bonds with adjacent cells and extracellular matrix.
Gap junctions
Direct contact between the cytoplasm of adjacent cells, allowing the free flow of small metabolites.