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9.7 Accidents

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il/elle s'est fait mal
he/she hurt himself/herself
il/elle s'est blessé(e)
he/she injured himself/herself
il a été gravement blessé
he has been seriously injured
il y avait un accident de la circulation
there was a road accident
le conducteur a freiné trop vite
the driver braked too fast
le conducteur roulait trop vite
the driver was going too fast
il n'a pas fait attention
he did not pay attention
la voiture a doublé le motocycliste
the car overtook down the biker
la voiture a heurté le motocycliste
the car bumped into down the biker
la voiture a renversé le motocycliste
the car knocked down the biker
elle a glissé sur du verglas
it skidded on some black ice
on l'a emmené(e) à l'hôpital
he/she was taken to hospital
the fire
le tremblement de terre
the earthquake
les inondations
the floods
a/ont détruit
has/have destroyed
on a appelé les pompiers
the fire brigade were called
on a appelé les services d'urgence
the emergency services were called