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to expect something or prepare for something before it happens
a statement that you strongly believe is true
believe wholeheartedly
to be completely sure about something
choose wisely
to make a good decision about something
without any knowledge about a situation or subject
come back to haunt you
Something you do has bad consequences at a later time.
courage in the face of an affliction
the ability to stay brave even though you are suffering
critical thinking skills
the ability to analyse or evaluate information without letting feelings or opinions influence you
enquiring mind
Someone who has this always wants to find out about things.
something that surprises you and teaches you new facts about life, people, etc.
go to incredible lengths
to try extremely hard to achieve something
to deceive or trick someone
lap up
to accept or believe something with enthusiasm
make a flying visit
to visit somebody for a short period of time
make an informed choice
to make a choice that is based on good information
an occasion when people or things are put together that are not suitable for each other
out in all weathers
outside whatever the weather is like
perform a trick
to do a magic trick in order to entertain people
positive outlook
If you have this, you think the future is likely to be good.
when you are lucky and find something interesting or valuable by chance
set foot in
to go to or into a certain place
share a viewpoint
to have the same opinions about something
splitting headache
a very bad pain in your head
suffer from stage fright
to be scared of performing in public
wanting to have good effects, but sometimes having bad effects that were not expected