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The Rider - #1 -9 of Hearts - messages, moving along, happens quickly, transportation but without an engine (Ship card has a motor), horseback riding, lover who moves through quickly
The Clover- #2 - 6 of Diamonds - little luck, good, small amount of good fortune, small gamble. Grass or greenery. Not the big outcome (which would be flower or sun), but a little perk.
The Ship - #3 - 3 of Spades - transportation, things with an engine, travel, foreign or foreigner, moving, commerce, International.
The House - #4 - 4 of Hearts - family, tight group of people, property, house
The Tree - #5 - 5 of Diamonds - health, legacy, long time, slow but steady growth, family history or lineage
The Cloud - #6 - Ace of Clubs - confusion, misled, storms, depression, unpleasant person, someone who stirs things up by causing misunderstandings, in a fog, smoky
The Snake - #7 - Queen of Clubs - deceit, overt lies, envy, jealousy, the other woman, a competing person, a scam that is recognized or seen for what it is. May describe something long and thin like wiring, a hose, cable. A hurtful bite, snake oil, hurtful person. Nemesis.
The Coffin - #8 - 9 of Diamonds - over, painful ending, sickness, a box, grief, done for good (whereas Stork may be gone but coming back).
The Bouquet - #9 - Queen of Spades - big luck, a gift,talent, present, flowers, something beautiful, surprise
The Scythe - #10 - Jack of Diamonds - cut, hurt, surgery, fast elimination, sarcasm, dry wit, sharp words, sharp tools or objects, danger, pain, pruned away, harvest
The Whip - #11 - Jack of Clubs - repetitive pattern, over and over, sweeping away, painful, punishment, abuse, debates or verbal altercation, sex, criticism, to belittle.
The Birds - #12 - 7 of Diamonds - voice, talking, gossip, singing, small meetings of people, two people, used to mean an older couple, talking by phone, some use for “pairs” or two of something. Next to a harsh card like the Scythe it can mean gossip, chatter, negotiations, using the phone. Traditionally showed 2 owls, so 2 people, usually an older couple.
The Child - #13 - Jack of Spades - innocent, naïve, just starting out, youth, a son or daughter, small, child-like, new, literal child.
The Fox - #14 - 9 of Clubs - covert lies, undercover, manipulator, wears a mask, deceiver, liar, scam artist or conman, clever, charming with bad intent, using cunning street smarts, could mean a small job or source of income, avocation or work, clever, cunning, street smarts, doing slick acts to get by. May be an entrepreneur.
The Bear - #15 - 10 of Clubs - Boss or authority figure, manager, strength, burly, large job, motherly, financial worth, watches over, protective, burly
The Stars - #16 - 6 of Hearts - hope, aspiration, visible, networking, internet, metastasizing, a wish, many of something, something at night, spreading
The Stork - #17 - Ace of Hearts - migrates, moving, relocating, changes, long legs, birth/delivery, cycle. "If it ends, it may return."
The Dog - #18 - 10 of Hearts - loyal, friend, trustworthy, dependable, a pet, there for you (but look at surrounding cards).