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The Tower - #19 - 6 of Spades - corporate, large office job, hierarchy of people, solitude or isolation (Rapunzel), boundaries, alone, structured rules, big business.
The Garden - #20 - 8 of Spades - Groups of people, conventions, large meetings or gatherings, celebrations, parties, events in public.
The Mountain - #21 - 8 of Clubs - obstacle, long climb, difficult process, uphill climb, heavy process, hard to do, lots of effort and time, roadblock. Something in your way.
The Crossroads - #22 - Queen of Diamond - choice, decisions, discernment, two of something, approaching a time of change or choices. A split of something.
The Mice - #23 - 7 of Clubs - taking away, thief, stealing, making less than, disease, sickness, worrisome, pests, makes less than.
The Heart - #24 - Jack of Hearts - love, romance, passion, can be a literal heart (heart and scythe would be heart surgery).
The Ring - #25 - Ace of Clubs - promise, commitment, relationship, marriage or long-term relationship, binding, contract, can be a literal ring, earring, or other piece of jewelry, engagement
The Book - #26 - 10 of Diamonds - diary, secrets, learning, knowledge, studies, college or school, training, authoring, publishing (book and tower is a publisher, school or library), literal book.
The Letter - #27 - 7 of Spades - correspondence through writing, emails, texting, letter, prescription or written message, printed materials, fax, a written record of something, prescription or diagnosis in writing.
The Man - #28 - Ace of Hearts - Man client or someone significant to the story who is a male
The Woman - #29 - Ace of Spades - woman client, or someone significant to the story who is a female
The Lily - #30 - King of Spades - trust, harmony, elder, innocence, purity, peace, well-intended, honest, older mentor, takes time to develop (like a 401K).
The Sun - #31 - Ace of Diamonds - joy, happiness, enlightenment, exposure, electricity, ego, out in the open,shining one’s light, seen,in the spotlight.
The Moon - #32 - 8 of Hearts - reputation, the face we put on for the world, how we are seen, psychic, nighttime, dreams, with the Sun and Stars = fame
The Key - #33 - 8 of Diamonds - The answer, what unlocks the mystery, the pivot, the important thing to note, enlightenment, the way in, the secret knowledge, ability
The Fish - #34 - King of Hearts - money, abundance, an increase, sperm, attention, entrepreneur energy, assets, the person's "currency of need."
The Anchor - #35 - 9 of Spades - setting port, staying put, stable, security, hard work, may mean near the ocean. Can potentially lift the anchor in the future.
The Cross - #36 - 6 of Clubs - burden, sacrifice, martyr, oppression, spiritual, fate, oppression, metaphoric "cross on your back."