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Beginning of Rome and main events

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753 BC
Year when Rome was founded
Romulus and Remus
Founders of Rome by the myth
Which God was the father of the brothers?
A she-wolf
Which animal saved and raised the brothers?
Romulus killed Remus
Murder between the brothers
Which culture influenced the most on Roman civilization?
Seven hills
How many hills were in Rome?
Palatine Hill
On which hill Rome begun it exist?
River in Rome
Patricians and Plebeians
Two classes in Roman society
753-509 BC
Years of Roman Kingdom
How many kings were leading Rome?
509-27 BC
Years of Roman Republic
Julius Caesar
Dictator of Roman Republic
Marcus Junius Brutus
Person which take leading role in assassination of Caesar(perhaps his son)
The Senate and People of Rome
SPQR(Senātus Populusque Rōmānus)
27 BC – 476/1453 AD
Years of Roman Empire(West/East)
Octavian Augustus
First Emperor
Pax Romana
Period of relative peace and minimal expansion by military
285 AD
Year of administrative spliting between East and West
313 AD, Milan, by Constantine the Great
When, where and emperor that proclaim Christianity as an official religion?
330 AD
When Constantinople was established as a new imperial capital?
Odoacer in 476 AD
Conqueror of Rome and when?
Mehmed II in 1453 AD
Conqueror of Constantinople and when?