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Informal vs formal vocabulary #6

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Gold, sugar, and petroleum are some of the THINGS commonly traded
Contracts are normally written in EXACT legal terminology
The speaker could see that the audience did not understand her statement, soshe was forced to go back and MAKE CLEAR the point
To make the writing process easier, the teacher broke it down into a series of SEPARATE AND DIFFERENT steps
The height of ocean tides CHANGES OFTEN according to the positions of the sun and the moon
The cost of MOVING produce to market must be added to the final cost
The manual included directions on how to ADD additional memory cards
Data encr.yption provides a SAFE way of transmitting data over the Internet.
Sand dunes in the Egyptian Sand Sea can REACH/GET TO a height of 100 meters
Good managers aim to provide their employees with good working conditions and levels of pay high enough to KEEP UP/MAINTAIN their motivation
capable of
Pigeons are ABLE TO/CAN finding their way home even if released 100 miles away
mutually beneficial
(2 words) After a long period of disagreement, the two parties were able to work out a GOOD FOR BOTH PARTIES solution to their problem.
Developing countries need to find ways to USE/TAKE ADVANTAGE OF their natural resources
One key to good management is PREDICTING AND PREPARE FOR potential problems
Social security is intended to be a SOMETHING EXTRA/ADDED to the savings of retirees
Antibiotics ALLOW/MAKE POSSIBLE the body to resist disease and infection