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Collocations: Nouns and pepositions

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lecture on
Chomsky gave a famous l_____ ___ linguistics
dissertation about
His dis______ was _____ leadership and management
research into
Kelly conducted r______ ____ different styles of leadership
analysis of
Smith carried out an a_______ ___ different medical treatments for cancer
study of
Darwin's st_____ ___ Galapagos fauna led to his theory of evolution
rationale for
The rat______ ____ this research is to evaluate transactional leadership.
difficulties of
This study examines the dif______ ____ training new employees
age at
Scientists determined the a___ ___ which children learn languages most easily
emphasis on
Smith places great em_____ ___ using translation in language teaching
lack of
There is l___ ___ evidence to support this theory
response to
We need to discover an effective r______ ___ the problem of global warming
progress to
Substantial pr____ ___ sustainable development has been made
assumptions behind
The ass______ ____ this theory are flawed
relationship between
There is a rel______ ____ age and language acquisition
attention to
He didn't pay enough att_______ ____ the details
influence on
Chomsky's theories had an important inf______ ____ generations of linguists
increase in
Globalw arming has led to an inc_____ ___ temperatures
changes in
CO2 emissions have caused dramatic ch_____ ___ weather patterns
distinction between
It is necessary to make a dist____ _____ the two terms