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Collocations: referring to sources

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draws its data from
This essay dr_____ ___ d___ ___ a series of experiments
literature suggests that
The lit______ sug______ ___children learn languages more quickly
makes reference to
This essay m_____ ref_____ ___ the work of Smith.
surveyed the literature on
I su____ ___ lit______ ____ leadership and management
particular relevance to
Smith's work is of part______ rel_____ ___ this study.
extensive body of literature on
There is an ext_____ b____ ___ lit______ ___ HRM
draws primarily on
This study dr______ pr______ ___ the work of Smith
seminal work
Chomsky's sem_____ w___ influenced numerous linguists that followed him
laid the foundations for
Darwin's theory of evolution l_____ ___ foun______ ___ the field of evolutionary bilogy
set out
Smith's ideas on leadership are s____ ____ in his book.
dealt with
The objections to this approach are d_____ ____ in section 3