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Canada is a great deal bigger than Poland
A Fiat is nowhere near as expensive as a Porsche
A Fiat/nowhere/expensive/Porsche
Brazil is somewhat smaller than the USA
Brazil/somewhat/small/the USA
Chinese population is significantly larger than the population of Poland
Chinese population/significantly/large/population/Poland
Messi is virtually as famous as Ronaldo
Poland is five times as big as Costa Rica
Poland/five times/big/Costa Rica
The more your practise, the better your English becomes
more/you practise/better/your English/become
The conditions of the contract proved too difficult to fulfill
(PAST) conditions/contract/prove/too difficult/fulfill
It was not as effective a law as government hoped
(PAST) It/be not/effective/law/government/hoped
BrunELT is as difficult an exam as IELTS
(PRESENT) BrunELT/be/difficult/exam/IELTS
He is not fast enough to beat Usain Bolt
(PRESENT) He/be not/fast/enough/beat/Usain Bolt