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poses a considerable challenge to
(IS A BIG) Fighting crime p_____ __ co______ ch______ __ the local government
respond to the challenge
(DO STH ABOUT) Governments and individuals will need to r_______ ___ t__ ch______ posed by global warming
encountered great difficulties
(HAVE BIG) He en_____ gr____ d________s during his mountain trek
is fraught with difficulty
(BE FULL OF) The current situation i__ fr______ w___ dif______
faces grave environmental problems
(VERY SERIOUS) Humanity f____ g____ en_____ P_______s
presents significant technological challenges
Sending people to Mars pr______ si_______ tech______ ch_______s
create enormous difficulties for
English spelling can cr____ en______ dif_______s ___ students
is faced with pressing economic problems
(HAVE URGENT MONEY PROBLEMS) The EU ___ fa_____ w___ pr_____ ec_______ pr_______s
address the problem of
Government needs to ad_______ t__ p______ __ crime and pollution