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Problems, solutions and their implications

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Measures should be taken to combat the problem of
meas___/should take/__ as to/com____/problem __
Government must take steps to eradicate
government/must t____/st___/erad_____
steps need to be taken in order to deal with
steps/need/take/in _____ to/deal ___
one way to tackle the problem of corruption would be to
one w___/tac___/problem/corruption/w____ be
People should focus their attention on ways to reduce the impact of pollution on the environment
people/should f____/att_____ /ways/r______ impact/pollution/environment
government must take measures to improve the situation of the poor
government/must/t___ mea____/improve/situation/poor
if measures were taken, the effect would be
if this were to happen, the consequence might be
if attempts were made to address this problem, the result would be
if/attempts/make/address/this problem/result/be
by banning drugs, governments can ensure
by/ban drugs/governments/can/ensure
the outcome of building the new road could be a decline in traffic
outcome/build/the new road/could/be/decline/traffic
attempts to overcome the problems of corruption must be made