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Subject specific: design and branding

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company's growth strategy
It was the c______ gr_____ s______, i.e. the way the firm wanted to develop
adds value to
Havaianas logo a____ v______ __ the flip flops, i.e. it increases their cost and prestige
boost consumers' perception of
A successful brand name can b______ c_______ p________ ___ a given product, i.e. positively increase how buyers see the product
goes beyond
(GO FURTHER THAN) A successful brand g___ b_____ just designing a product
(PRODUCE, GENERATE) y______ cash returns/comfort/great results/satisfaction
extensions of
Brands are ex_______ ____ products, i.e. larger continuations of products
guide consumer behaviour
Brands can g____ c_____ beh_____, i.e. they can direct how the customer/buyer acts
The company managed to es________ themselves in the market, i.e. gain a position in the market
(COMMUNICATE) Brands can tr______ values/ideas/feelings
Brands in______ feelings/perceptions/ideas/value of the product
becomes an asset to
(A VALUABLE THING) Once the brand is established, it be______ ___ a_____ ___ the company, increasing the value of its products
Customers might at______ higher value TO products of successful brands
country-specific differentiating features
(3 words) things making a product different in a particluar country
existing local preferences
(3 words) general trends in a region about what people like
a spectrum of newproduct development strategies
(6 words) many ways of developping a new product
global research laboratory
(3 words) a place where the wroldwide market is investigated
software development establishment
(3 words) place where software is produced
market research methods
(3 words) ways of investigating a market
product development schedule
(3 words) programme for developing goods
marketing mix decision
(3 words) choice about price, product, promotion, place
upmarket distribution outlet
(3 words) a place where expensive goods are sold