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enter the marketplace
There are opportunities for new companies to e______ t___ m_______
financial casualties
The number of f_______ c_______ (or companies that went bankrupt) is still rising.
balance the risk against
When entering a new market you need to carefully b_______ ____ r______ a_____ the possible opportunities or benefits in order to assess your chances of success
intensly competitive
There are a lot of companies and competitors in this sector, so the market is i_______ c__________
gain the critical mass
As a new company it can be difficult to g_____ ___ cr_____ m____, that is, become profitable so you don't need outside investment.
increased power of choice
Buyers now have a MUCH WIDER CHOICE than before (4 words)
buyer power
When customers can influence the price of products, because they can choose between many different companies, for example, the b_____ p_____ is high.
spoilt for choice
When there are a lot of diferent products/companies a customer can choose from, w ecan say the customer is s______ f___ ch____
saturation point
There are so many cheap airlines now that the market HAS REACHED/IS AT s_______ p____.
gain a competitive advantage
A company can g____ _ c_______ ad______ through making themselves different from the competitors or focusing on a narrow segment of the market, for example.
Companies can use d__________, that is offer a product that is unique and different, to succeed in a competitive market