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possess a distinct individual identity
A good brand needs to have an identity that is different and personal (5 words)
compete with
A brand will need to c_______ ____ other brands or companies to get customers
market segment
Even though Nike and Adidas occupy a very similar PART OF THE MARKET, they have a different brand identity and strategy (2 words)
share of
The company HAS a LARGE/SIGNIFICANT ________ ____ the market
compete on price
One way of gaining a competitive advantage is to c______ ___ p______; that is, to make your products cheaper than those of the competitors.
build loyalty
In order to retain or keep the same customers, a company needs to b______ their l______
levels of disposable income
If the society gets richer, and if their l______ ___ d_______ i______ rise, they will be able to purchase more products
CHEAPER products