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Subject specific: Tax and corporate behaviour

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write off the debt
The bank decided to CANCEL THE DEBT because there was no way they could pay it back
We need a CLEAR tax system
tax havens
Luxembourg is one of the t____ h______s - you pay very little tax there
The government's INCOME went down by 50%
The company RAN UP a debt of several hundred million pounds
Google MOVES all its UK income to Luxembourg
be forced out of business
Small companies might HAVE TO CLOSE DOWN due to tax avoidance schemes by big corporations (5 words)
are put at a competitive disadvantage
Local businesses HAVE IT MORE DIFFICULT/ARE WORSE OFF because of multinational companies tax avoidance schemes (6 words)
Google PUTS/PLACES a lot of money in the UK
The total AMOUNT OF MONEY THEY MADE was about 500 million pounds