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Subject specific: describing trends

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rose by
The sales r______ ___ 50 % in the last quarter
surge in
Experts predict a s____ ___ the value of gold.
substantial decrease in
There was a sub______ d_______ __ fuel prices.
declined sharply
The sales have dec_____ sh_____ in recent months
soared to
Last year real-estate prices s______ ___ an all-time high.
The average income is unfortunately set to pl_______ in the next few months (GO DOWN BY A LARGE AMOUNT).
rapid increase in
There's been a r_____ in____ ____ the price of basic commodities
dipped by
Consumer spending d______ ___ 1% last month (DECREASE, TYPICALLY TEMPORARILY)
The car market has b_______ in the last three months
The government plans to r_____ interest rates