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Linking words: cause and effect

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resulted in
The heavy rains r_________ ____ floods.
result of
Air pollution in cities is the r_______ ____ CO2 emitions from factories and cars
due to
They were severe delays d_____ __ the strike.
reason for
The r______ ___ higher prices was an increase in demand.
cause of
The c______ ____ higher prices was an increase in demand
effect of
Another e_______ __ an increase in demand is higher prices
bring about
Urbanization can b_____ a______ loss of agricultural land
owing to
They were severe flight delays o_______ ___ bad weather conditions
gave rise to
The crisis g_____ r_____ ___ high unemployment
lead to
Better education may l______ ___ better job opportunities
thanks to
He passed the exam t_____ __ a lot of hard work
S_____ there are more job opportunities in the cities, many people move there
More and more land is needed for agriculture. T____, forest land is decreasing every year
on account of
There were many accidents yesterday ___ a________ ___ the heavy snow fall