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Informal vs formal vocabulary #2

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a great deal of
A LOT OF information
aspects of
(THINGS ABOUT) some a________ __ the internet are
with regard to
(ABOUT) ______ r______ to the economic perspective
(BAD) have a d_________ influence ON
pose a threat to
(BE DANGEROUS) Some content on the internet can p________ ___ th________ ____ children
(GOOD) Internet is a v_________ tool for communication
(POSITIVE CHANGES) Such a_______ have improved lives of many people
by means of
(USING) Internet allows us to have video calls _____ m_______ ___ Skype, for example.
provide opportunities
(GIVE CHANCES OPTIONS) The Internet can p________ o__________ to communicate over long distances
a vast range of
(MANY) You can find information on __ v______ r______ ___ topics on the Internet.
valuable asset to
(GREAT ADVANTAGE) Internet can be a v_________ a_______ ___ society
facilitate communication
(MAKE TALKING EASIER) Internet can f___________ c___________ between individuals.
(KEEP HAPPY) Online shopping can s________ many customers
They TOOK it AWAY from him
You might be KICKED OUT OF university for plagarism
She doesn't PUT a lot of importance on her studies
We should LOOK AT the issue more closely
We need to CUT our spendings
There are ALL SORTS/KINDS OF problems we need to tackle
the public
MANY PEOPLE are worried about the results of the financial crisi
concerned about
The public is WORRIED ABOUT the financial crisis in Greece
We need to MAKE SURE that this doesn't happen again
ALMOST all the problems were caused by pollution