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dar - to give

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to give
(eu) dou
I give
(você, ele, ela) dá
you give; (he, she, it) gives
(nós) damos
we give
(eles, elas, vocês) dão
they give (m), they give (f), you give (pl)
dar um passeio
to go for a walk
dar-se conta
to realize
dar a volta por cima
to come out on top
dar uma mãozinha
to lend a hand
dando importância
giving importance
(eu) dei
I gave
(você, ele, ela) deu
(you, he, she, it) gave
(nós) demos
we gave
(eles, elas, vocês) deram
they gave (m), they gave (f), you gave (pl)
deu certo
It worked out
(you, he, she, it) gave me
nos deu
(you, he, she, it) gave us
ela me deu
she gave me; it gave me (f)
ele me deu
he gave me; it gave me (m)
(eu) darei
I will give
(você, ele, ela) dará
(you, he, she, it) will give
(nos) daremos
we will give
(eles, elas, vocês) darão
they will give (m), they will give (f), you will give (pl)