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saber - to know

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to know
(eu) sei
I know
(você, ele, ela) sabe
you know; he knows; she knows
(nós) sabemos
we know
(eles, elas, vocês) sabem
they know (m); they know (f); you know (pl)
você sabe
you know
quem sabe
who knows
sem saber
without knowing
não saber
not knowing
saber de cor
to know by heart
Quer saber?
You want to know?
(eu, você, ele, ela) soube
(I, you, he, she, it) knew
(nós) soubemos
we knew
(eles, elas, vocês) souberam
they knew (m); they knew (f); you knew (pl)
preciso saber
I need to know
saber quem você é
to know who you are
o direito de saber
the right to know
você pode saber
you can know; you may know
Você sabia?
You knew?
(eu) saberei
I will know
(você, ele, ela) saberá
you will know; he will know; she will know
(nós) saberemos
we will know
se você já sabe
if you already know; if you now know
todo mundo sabe
everyone knows; the whole world knows
ninguém realmente sabe
no one really knows