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querer - to want

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to want
eu quero
I want
(você, ele, ela) quer
you want; (he, she, it) wants
(nós) queremos
we want
(eles, elas, vocês) querem
they want (m); they want (f); you want (pl)
sem querer
without wanting to; unintended
quero almoçar
I want lunch
eu não quero
I do not want
(eu, você, ele, ela) queria
I would like; you would like; he would like; she would like
(eu, você, ele, ela) quis
I wanted; you wanted; he wanted; she wanted
(nós) quisemos
we wanted
(eles, elas, vocês) quiseram
they wanted (m); they wanted (f); you wanted (pl)
bem querer
well wish; well want; well want to
quero também
I also want
quero saber
I want to know
(eu) quererei
I will want
(você, ele, ela) quererá
(you, he, she, it) will want
(nós) quereremos
we will want
(eles, elas, vocês) quererão
they will want (m); they will want (f); you will want (pl)
quererão trabalhar
they will want to work (m); they will want to work (f); you will want to work (pl)
quererão comprar
they will want to buy (m); they will want to buy (f); you will want to buy (pl)
quereremos ver
we will want to see
você não quererá perder
you will not want to miss; you will not want to lose