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sentir - to feel

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to feel
sentir saudade
to miss, to yearn for
sentir remorsos
to feel remorse
sentir medo
to feel scared
sentir dor
to feel pain
(eu) sinto
I feel
(você, ele, ela) sente
you feel; (he, she, it) feels
(nós) sentimos
we feel
(eles, elas, vocês) sentem
they feel (m); they feel (f); you feel (pl)
sinto muito
I'm sorry; I feel very ...
sentir-se tonto
to feel dizzy; to feel foolish
sentir bem
to feel well; to feel good
sentir-se à vontade
to feel at ease; to feel comfortable
(eu) senti
I felt
(você, ele, ela) sentiu
(you, he, she, it) felt
(eles, elas, vocês) sentiram
they felt (m); they felt (f); you felt (pl)
sentir pena de
to feel sorry for; to feel pity for
sentir-se humilhado
to feel humiliated
sentir-se um peixe fora d’água
to feel like a fish out of water
(eu) sentirei
I will feel
(você, ele, ela) sentirá
(you, he, she, it) will feel
(nós) sentiremos
we will feel
(eles, elas, vocês) sentirão
they will feel (m); they will feel (f); you will feel (pl)