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passar - to pass; to spend

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to pass, spend (time)
(eu) passo
I pass; I spend
(você, ele, ela) passa
you pass; you spend; (he, she, it) passes; (he, she, it) spends
(nós) passamos
we pass; we spend
(eles, elas, vocês) passam
they pass, they spend (m); they pass, they spend (f); you pass, you spend (pl)
passar a noite
to spend the night; to pass the night
passar a ferro
to iron; ironing
passar a perna
to deceive
com o passar do tempo
with the passing of time; over time
passar por
to go through; to pass by; to pass through
passar por cima de
to go over; to climb over; to pass over
(eu) passei
I passed; I spent
(você, ele, ela) passou
(you, he, she, it) passed; (you, he, she, it) spent
(nós) passámos
we passed; we spent
(eles, elas, vocês) passaram
they passed, they spent (m); they passed, they spent (f); you passed, you spent (pl)
passar o tempo
to pass time; to spend time
passar fome
to go hungry; to starve
passar adiante
to pass along; to pass on
passar o aspirador
to vacuum; vacuuming
(eu) passarei
I will pass; I will spend
(você, ele, ela) passará
(you, he, she, it) will pass; (you, he, she, it) will spend
(nós) passaremos
we will pass; we will spend
(eles, elas, vocês) passarão
they will pass, they will spend (m); they will pass, they will spend (f); you will pass, you will spend (pl)
passing; spending
passed; spent