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levar - to take, to carry

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to take, to carry
levar à
to lead to; to cause
levar um fora
to get dumped
levar para passear
to take for a walk
levar em conta
to take into account
levar em consideração
to take into consideration
(eu) vou levar
I am going to take; I am going to carry
(você, ele, ela) vai levar
you are going to take; you are going to carry; (he, she, it) is going to take; is going to carry
(nós) vamos levar
we are going to take; we are going to carry
(eles, elas, vocês) vão levar
they are going to take, they are going to carry (m); they are going to take, they are going to carry (f); you are going to take, you are going to carry (pl)
comida para levar
takeout food; takeaway food
levar a sério
to take seriously
vai levar tempo
it is going to take time
(eu) levo
I take; I carry
(você, ele, ela) leva
you take, you carry; (he, she, it) takes, carries
(eles, elas, vocês) levam
they take, they carry (m); they take, they carry (f); you take, you carry (pl)
(nós) levamos
we take; we carry
levar vantagem
to take advantage
levar a cabo
to carry out; to perform
taking; carrying
took; carried
(eu) levei
I took; I carried
(você, ele, ela) levou
(you, he, she, it) took; carried
(nós) levámos
we took; we carried
(eles, elas, vocês) levaram
they took, they carried (m); they took, they carried (f); you took, you carried (pl)