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estar - to be (temporary)

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estar pendurado
to be hanging; to be dangling
estar cheio
to be full
estar de luto
to be in mourning
estar de acordo
to be in accordance; to be in agreement
estar na moda
to be fashionable; to be in style
estar com saudades
to be missing or longing for (someone or something)
estar com dor de ...
to be with pain in ...
estar com febre
to be with a fever; to have a fever
está combinado
it is combined; it's agreed
está bem
it's well; it's good; okay
Você está pronto?
You are ready? / Are you ready?
Você está bem?
You are well? / Are you okay?
(eu) estive
I was (temporary)
(você, ele, ela) esteve
you were, (he, she, it) was (temporary)
(nós) estivemos
we were (temporary)
(eles, elas, vocês) estiveram
they were (m), they were (f), you were (pl) (temporary)
elas estiveram juntas
they were together
eu estive presente
I was present
enquanto estive lá
while I was there
estive doente
I was sick
esteve presente
you were present, (he, she, it) was present
Estivemos no Brasil.
We were in Brazil.
estivemos lá
we were there
(eu, você, ele, ela) estava
you were, (I, he, she, it) was (temporary)
being (temporary)