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Problemas Sociais

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to discriminate
to make a clear distinction
status quo
the systems and conditions that exist now
leaning unfairly in one direction
causing to judge unfairly
a burden
something that is carried; a source of stress or worry
to counter
to act in opposition to
de facto
in fact doing a job, even if not officially
a notion
a fanciful belief
to oppress
to keep down by force
a fringe
an edge
characteristic of a teenager
a paradigm
a set of assumptions
to amend
to alter for the better
a cause
a political or social goal
a conflict
to fit so poorly together that the differences cause a problem
serious misbehaviour
excessively interested in seeking pleasure
in a way that accuses other people of weaknesses that one also possesses
influencing someone to do what you want, in an unscrupulous way
to rebel
to go against an established system or authority