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a technique that pictures things as they really looks
not concrete and realistic
acting as a sign for some other thing or idea
a context
a larger environment that something fits into
having more than one possible meaning
unable to read
to depict
to show in pictures
a dimension
a direction or surface along which something can be measured
relating to beauty or appearance
a connotation
a meaning that is implied, not stated directly
being part of the basic nature of something
a perspective
a way of seeing from a particular location; a way of thinking about something
a portrayal
a description or drawing that reflects a certain point of view
to denote
to mean something clearly and directly
an inscription
something written into a piece of rock or metal
coming, arrival
to decipher
to figure out the meaning, even though it is written in a code or an unknown language
very clever and imaginative
related to the sounds in a language
a spectrum
a range of different things, usually colors