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Behavioural Verbs

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se charger de qqch
be responsible for something
se détendre
to relax
se fatiguer
to get tired
s'intéresser à qqn/à qqch
to be interested in someone/something
se mettre à faire qqch
to start doing something
se mettre en route
to set off (on a journey)
s'occuper de qqch
to take care of something
se soigner
to take care of oneself
se cacher
to hide
s'échapper de
to run away from/escape from
se mettre en panique
to fly into a panic
se mouiller
to get wet, to wet oneself; to stick one's neck out
se plaindre de qqn/de qqch
to complain about someone/something
se salir
to get dirty