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A variable or function's ____ determines who and what has access to it. Scopes can either be local or global.
Global variables are declared ____ of a function and are available to any other part of the script
A variable declared inside of a function is a ____ variable and is only available within that function
Block statements, delimited by curly braces ({ }) , let you control the ____ of your program.
Variables are usually local to the function within which they are declared, but by utilizing the ____ keyword you can make a variable local to the block it was declared in.
To avoid problems around the concept of ____, remember to always declare your variables as near to the top of your functions as possible.
Global variables are properties of the global object. In web pages the global object is ____.
Constants are variables that cannot be changed after they have been created. To declare a constant use the ____ keyword. Constants cannot have the same name as a variable or a function within the same scope.