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data types
Objects, functions and ____ are the fundamental elements of JavaScript
The latest ECMAScript standard defines ____ data types that you can utilize in your JavaScript programs.
floating point
In JavaScript the only numeric data type is Number, which is in the double-precision 64-bit ____ format.
A Boolean data type can be either ____ or false.
Usually intentional, the ____ data type denotes a nonexistent or invalid object or address. This data type keyword is always all lowercase.
The data type ____ is automatically assigned to any variable without a defined value.
Used to represent a sequence of characters as text, a value of the ____ data type can be enclosed in either single or double quotes depending on the preference of the programmer.
data and instructions
The Object data type is fundamental to JavaScript. An object contains ____ for working with the data inside of itself.
Newly introduced in ECMAScript 6, instances of the ____ data type are unique and cannot be changed once they are created.
dynamically typed
You don't have to specify the data type of a variable when you define it because JavaScript is a ____ language.
Defining a variable as a number and then later ____ the same variable a string would not cause an error message. This expression would simply replace the value held by the variable because JavaScript is a dynamically typed language.
The string [ "Memrise is " + 1337; ] would result in the string "Memrise is 1337" because in expressions involving numeric values and strings with the + operator JavaScript ____ the numeric value to a string.
In numeric and string expressions involving operators other than ____ JavaScript does not convert the numeric value to a string. For Example: [ "37" - 7; // Results in 30]
____ converts a string into a whole number, so it won't help with decimals. It is best to include the radix argument after your string. This ensures you get the result you need. (Give it the number 10 to receive a decimal.)
The ____ function parses a string argument and returns a floating point number.