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In JavaScript, loops offer a quick and easy way to do something ____.
A for loop repeats until a specified condition evaluates to ____.
increment expression
A for loop consists of an initializing expression, a condition to be evaluated, an ____ and finally the statement block to be executed.
returns control
In a for loop, after the statement block is executed the program runs the increment expression and ____ to the condition expression.
condition is checked
A do...while loop continues executing a block of statements as long as the while condition evaluates to true. At the end of every execution the ____. When it evaluates to false, then the loop terminates.
infinite loops
Avoid ____. Make sure the condition in your do...while loop eventually becomes false. Otherwise, the loop will never terminate.
label statements
For more control of loops, use ____ to mark and then refer to the loop later on in your program.
break statement
Use the ____ to terminate a loop, switch, or in conjunction with a label statement.
A continue statement ____ the current loop it is called in. The loop's next iteration is begun immediately from the top.
A for...in loop ____ over the properties of an object, in arbitrary order. For each iteration the variable in the statement is assigned an enumerable property of the object.
It is not recommended to use a ____ loop to access the contents of an array. It may return the elements in a random order and even returns properties you may not expect.
____ loops are similar to for...in loops, but instead of iterating over the property names of an array or object they iterate over the values of the properties of the object. This is a new standard in ECMAScript 6.